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Directional tread patternA directional tread design with staggered tread blocks maximizes traction and handling while improving ride comfort by reducing road noise.
Serrated stability ribA continuous centre rib adds stability during highway driving or when changing lanes. A unique serrated design digs into deep snow and slush for better cold weather traction.
Large paired inner blocksLarger inner blocks are tied together to add stability at highway speeds. While the saw-tooth edges around the block add biting grip in deep snow and slush covered roads.
Split offset shoulder blocksLarge outer blocks on the outside shoulder add stability to the tire as well as grabbing power in deep snow. The saw-tooth edges add lateral traction while cornering.
Snow clawsThese edges within the tread grooves enhance traction in deep snow or slush.
4 circumferential grooves4 circumferential grooves efficiently evacuate moisture from under the tire for better grip.
Tapered evacuation groovesTapered evacuation grooves quickly move the water or slush away from the center of the tire to reduce the risk of hydroplaning or getting caught in slushy rutted roads.
High density 3D sipesToyo's Multi Wave 3D siping provides for more edge effect while ensuring the blocks remain firmer while braking, cornering or accelerating. This improves performance and reduces the risk of irregular wear.
Plow edgeA sharp angled leading edge adds edge grip on snow and ice and helps move slush away from the center of the tire.
Shoulder lightning edgeA jagged lightning style sipe in the shoulder blocks add lateral traction when cornering.
Tapered shoulder wedgeA tapered buttress design along with unique outside block grooves on the sidewall adds to the tires ability to navigate slush rutted roads.
Spiral edge sipeA unique 360 degree spiral edge sipe is designed to improve traction while accelerating, cornering or braking.
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