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Microbit Technology in compoundEnsures tread blocks remain flexible at lower temperatures. Silica also helps enhance wet grip and traction.
3D - Multi-Wave SipesCrushed walnut shells embedded in the tire tread compound dig and bite into the ice surface for improved traction.
V-Shaped centre rib with a horizontal sipeMulti-wave sipes to increase tread block rigidity. Increased sipe density to increase ice traction.
Wide evacuation groovesOffers stability at higher speeds. V-Shape design improves water or slush drainage. Horizontal sipes improve braking and accelerating.
Large U-shaped tread blocks with saw toothed edgesWide grooves for efficient evacuation of water, snow or slush.
Optimized stud hole placementDesigned for added aggressive grip on snow or slush. Saw-toothed edges further improve cornering and braking ability.
Alternating buttress block designIncreases scratch effect (road contact) with less studs for better traction and reducing ride noise.
Gear edge designHelps dig into snow and propel the vehicle through slush or snow rutted roads.
Mountain Snowflake SymbolIncreases edge effect for better traction during cornering or braking with or without studs installed.
Improved compound with high levels of silica 
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